3 Secrets To Keeping Your Employees Happy!

The 3 secrets to keeping your employees happy is great pay, great benefits and public acknowledge of their accomplishments. Of course, every employee upon being hired would like a salary where they are making market rates for their job title, but making above their job title salary is even better! I once sat down and spoke with a human resource manager and out of all the things that we talked about, there was one thing that stuck with as a business owner. She said BENEFITS are important, and after thinking about it, she is right. Next to healthcare benefits, back-up childcare benefit is next in line for being a very important benefit that will help companies as a whole and help their employees. Back-up childcare benefits is a benefit offered to employee that employers sponsor in case of childcare emergencies or if the child gets sick. Back-up care also helps employees productivity because now the employee do not have to call out of work when their normal childcare falls through. Babysitters Inc is a national agency that offer back-up care as a benefit. For more information, please email us at booking@babysittersincorporated.com.

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